"Sparkling in a mischievous and wonderfully adult way to put a wicked grin on your face!"
Wizard of Oz (Western Mail, 2009)

"A bewitching and energetic performance"
Witches of Eastwick (South Wales Argus, 2009)

"Utterly brilliant showcase with a memorable score and breathtaking choreography"
Fame (South Wales Echo, 2009)

"Such a wonderful show and fantastic cast! Simply brilliant!"
Annie (2012)

"Spectacular, enchanting and utterly breath taking. Loved it!"
Beauty and the Beast (2014)

"Wonderful performances, the 4 principals were some of the best I've seen!"
Wizard of Oz (2015)

"In short, amazing! Perfect for kick starting your festive session!"
A Christmas Carol (whatsgoodtodo.co.uk, 2016)